Religion Thrives On The Fear Of Death
Vidya Narayanan

Religious organizations have been at the forefront of improving society for centuries. Ghandi, MLK, Mother Theresa, Oscar Romero… the list goes on. Your recipe for “magic”, compassion, empathy, acceptance, ability to make a difference, is exactly what all of the world’s major religions call for. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Bhuddists…

You site the map of “world’s least religious countries”. One of the three countries with more than 75% atheists or not religious is China, a place with notoriously egregious human rights violations, particularly as it relates to religious freedoms. All you have to do is walk through Boston Commons or any other city to see people exposing the atrocities the Chinese government commits against its people in the name of a “stable society”, which seems to be what you’re promoting. Religion is not the problem. Lack of education, freedom, and economic opportunity are always the source of society’s problems.

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