Just To See You Smile

As teachers we love to share how difficult our lives are. Teaching is one of the most time consuming positions and you do not even get paid for the work you do outside of the classroom. The state wants you to fit three hours of material into a single hour, you are faced with students that do not want to learn, and you have to take one lesson and differentiate it into any number of possibilities. This is enough to make any 21 year old develope the need to sit back with a class of wine at the end of the day (I can only magine).

Now I would never say that these aren’t valid complaints. They totally are! But just remember why you teach…


It can be so easy to get boged down with the craze of the school year. I have been feeling so stressed and over the course of the past few weeks but I am hear with a reminder.

Smile at you job. Sometimes a smile is all a kid needs to get through the day. You never know what a child is going to take away from your persona that day. So smile and make a difference. :)

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