Seeking a volunteer editor to help lead Medium’s largest technology publication
Quincy Larson

Quincy, it was both heartening and disappointing to see your post. You are doing great work with freeCodecamp, and its growth and expansion is welcome. As a now-retired, long-time journalist (tech and other subjects), it certainly makes sense for people in my shoes to offer help.

On the other hand, we are seeing a degradation of media quality everywhere in part because publications want free or nearly free labor to produce them. They and their readers get what they pay for.

You already have some volunteers (kudos to them), and no doubt I’ll get flamed here for grinchitude, but I hate to see Medium following suit. To my knowledge, Medium is not an all-volunteer company.

So here’s an alternate proposal: Do a small fundraising campaign dedicated to this important task. The broader community could fund a pool to enable modest compensation for this work — which could be distributed among a few different people, thus further enlarging the article pipeline — at little individual cost. Good editing is serious and time-consuming work; even small recompense makes a strong statement that it’s valued.

Thanks for listening.

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