Corporate Social Media Win

Corporations have a social media win when they are able to make something go viral, make an impact or get retweets from celebrities. They are able to get information out about who they are or what they are doing and tie it into one thing people will remember. I have never really been one to follow memes and be the first person to share or care about the next viral thing. However there is one that I did take particular interest in, it was able to spread faster then anything in the past, so fast it actually broke the internet and was officially added to Time’s list of the 100 most influential photos that are worth sharing.

This photo was taken during the 2014 Oscars where Ellen gathered all the celebrities around her to take a “planned” selfie that’s whole intention was to become the most retweeted tweet in history. Today it has been retweeted more then 3 million times and still shows up on the Internet created into other memes where people will crop someone in or change the caption to fit a relevant joke people are talking about right now. With all the success of the Ellen show and the amount of people who tune into the Oscars, all Ellen had to do to make this photo go viral was ask. People love being a part of something, especially when everyone else is doing it. Viral videos and photos bring people together because its something everyone finds funny or entertaining and they have probably heard about. And adding the fact that the idea came from a celebrity and other celebrities are going to be retweeting it is just the icing on the cake for consumers

This photo was planned content. Ellen had the opportunity as the host of the Oscars during a time when selfies were becoming such a big thing to do something memorable and get people involved. She made it relevant, using twitter, which was notably the most popular platform at the time and included some of that years biggest stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (who both won Oscars).

They made it unique to other photos that have gone viral and also unique to anything done during the Oscars before and also made it personal by sharing the goal is to shut down the internet so everyone have at it. This Oscar photo has for sure been one of the top viral photos on twitter of all time, it was on the top of the explore page for days and still comes back. Not only was this selfie a great way to sell the Oscar’s to those who were not watching but what a lot of people never consciously realized was that this preplanned Oscar selfie was also Samsung Galaxy’s marketing plan. And it was much more then the fact that they used a Samsung Galaxy phone to take the selfie but it was estimated that Samsung Electronics Co. spent approximately $20 million on advertising throughout the commercials during the award show.

This proves how planning to make something go viral is possible if you do it at the right time, by the right person, to the right audience. It all paid off because even now when people look back at the photo they know it was from when Ellen hosted the 2014 Oscars and broke the Internet.