Breaking Bad Habits

Freshman 15 is no lie, and in my case it was almost freshman 30. For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, Freshman 15 is a saying used to describe the “15” lb weight gain post-secondary students supposedly face in their first year.

Image Source: Penn State

As a university student, its very easy to find yourself continuously snacking on junk, especially during late-night study sessions. I mean, eating those chocolate covered almonds along side a bag of all-dressed chips makes a perfect a study snack. Add a coffee trip to that, and you may even find yourself getting a donut(s).

Eventually, when I decided enough was enough, I started searching for a tool that may help motivate me to break this gross habit of over-snacking. After some research I came across the Fitbit, and decided to get a Fitbit Charge. I found this was a great tool because it allowed me to keep track of a number of things that could help me get on track to a healthier lifestyle such as:

Image Source: Fitbit
  • Tracking all day activity like number of steps taken, floor climbed, number of calories burnt and total distance travelled in the day
  • Fitbit also tracked the hours of sleep I got in a night, which I found was a neat tool
  • Long battery
  • My Fitbit progress was tracked through an app on my phone, which was very convenient
  • Caller ID, alarms, and and wireless syncing!

The Fitbit app also allows me to log any additional exercise I may have done in the day (such as kickboxing or pilates) and even let me log my daily calorie intake. At the end of the week, I also get weekly reports of my progress which compares my data to the week before that.

This is my most recent weekly report Fitbit had emailed me. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my fitbit from majority of the week (only this week, I promise) which is why the results are significantly lower than my previous week.

All in all, I’m very happy with this product. It actually does make a difference when you can keep track of your habits. It actually helped me lose a total of 10 lbs, which leaves me with 15 more to go! I aim to beat my freshman 30 before graduating.

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