Our Last Few Days
at Teehan+Lax

This week we pack up our boxes, dig through desk drawers to discover old notes, pictures, toys and other nostalgic treasures, some as old as 10 years. It’s these things that remind us of the silver lining in our situation.

While Teehan+Lax as a company is ending, it’s the friendships we’ve made, the things we’ve learned, and the knowledge we’ve passed to each other and the industry that will continue on. Wherever in the world we may take them.

It may be the end of an era, but it’s also a new beginning for every one of us.

A time like this has many emotions but this is the most important one. We’ve all been lucky enough to have friendships and mentorships at Teehan+Lax that will make our next acts lucky to have us.

Words by @katbow & Photos by @jkumahara

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