Why We Must Increase the Block Size and Why I Support Bitcoin Unlimited

You’re not fooling anyone with this bullshit. This is nothing more than a power grab. You’re trying to take the power away from the network to decide what is and what isn’t a valid block and put it in the hands of the mining pool operators.

You complain about the “technical debt” that segwit brings (despite the huge amount of testing done) but expect everyone to switch to an unproven system based on some blocksize free-for-all nonsense.

Also, who are the BU dev team and what have they done to show they are competent enough to take the reigns from Core? How big is this team? how qualified are they? Last time I checked it was Greg Maxwell who had to tell them about the collision attack on BU thin blocks and again about their software forking Classic off the testnet, in both cases not only were they clueless about the problem but didn’t even understand it when explained to them..