Abuse comes in many forms. Physical Abuse. Sexual Abuse. Emotional Abuse.

One is not more painful than the other. Because how do you quantify pain? If you come out on the other side you are a survivor. Reclaim who you are. Take the power away from the abuser. Don’t give in to their demands. Don’t ever think it’s your fault. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Don’t wait thinking it will change or get better.

Abusers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a family member, a friend, a lover, a colleague, a stranger. You can leave. It’s better on the other side. I promise, there is another side.

Leave. Leave now. Don’t forgive. Try to forget. Move on, because somewhere out there, there is someone who will Love you. Respect you. Stay by your side. Somewhere out there someone is waiting to be there for you. Someone who wouldn’t hurt you if you wanted to leave. But with that Someone, you won’t want to.

I promise, there is another side.