How do I respond to crazy situations?: “Love In Action”

Message from: J. Weeks…Welcome to my life!

“Love without expectation.”

Today, I woke up in a place that didn't seem settling. I felt vacant and confused. Once I dissected the issue, I realized that I did not allow myself time to meditate on something that was bothering me. I had just recently went through a situation earlier this week that somewhat reopened closed and healed wounds, but that's only because I allowed it. Dealing with people from a distance can be the most difficult when they try to mosey their way into your life and somewhat become a leech that you thought you got rid of months ago. Finding any type of open crevasse and every opportunity just to make you upset or get a rise out of you, but like I said before that's only if you allow it.

First, I need to give you some background. About a month ago I decided to completely enjoy life and walk in salvation with the Lord. Considering the calling placed on my life and knowing my purpose, I thought this was very necessary for me to do. God gives you glimpses of what can be yours if you choose to devote your everything to him and walk in faith and salvation, I wanted that for myself. He kept calling but I would ignore because I wasn’t ready to release old habits. God will keep calling but if you keep pressing ignore he will force you to do what He’s called you to do. So since I decided I wanted to be hard headed, I was forced to make the decision. Ever since I decided to FULLY commit myself to the Lord, My temperament has been better, I don't feel the need to argue or prove myself or even get approval from other people.

Therefore, being caught and bothered with this situation earlier this week, sometimes people will bring the drama and mess to you but it is important to make the decision for yourself to combat that, respond with love and humble yourself. After meditating on this situation to find a solution to what was really going on. God speaks to me less in certain situations because he’s given plenty of tools to figure out these hardships on my own. So this morning I opened my bible to Romans. In Romans chapter 12, Paul talks about how to live your life right. I get to verses 9- 21 and it explains “Love in Action”. I realized that I have never learned how to genuinely love like Christ loves us we are suppose to love others in spite of. We are often taught the idea of “fake love”. Avoiding certain things to keep the approval of someone, refrain from certain words because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Being nice to your boss because you know there is a certain reward for what you are doing. This is not the way we should love others because we feel that there is going to be some sort of reward or benefit if you do. Paul said that we should love those in a genuinely and being gentle in our response because we love them. Because Christ loves us. I'm not saying we should be perfect but this is important because when certain situations hit our lives, you know how to combat them with love. A kind response has the ability to change the ENTIRE dynamic of the situation. Reading this was a hard pill to swallow because when you are put in these situations your mind resorts to retaliation and immediate reaction but is that the best solution? I believe there is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel its just a matter of how to express those feelings. Are you saying this out of love and gentleness or out of ill feelings and strife? There’s a difference in how you respond to certain situations.

I have learned to let go of feeling entitled or that I ALWAYS have to prove to people who I am and how big and bad I am. That doesn't matter. In this same chapter Paul also explains the importance of humility and not thinking lowly of yourself but also not thinking to highly of yourself. Being able to have a seat at the table with those who may not be on the journey you are on and refraining from feeling like you are above anyone.

Concluding we will soon learn to genuinely love EVERYONE. No matter what they did to you, how they’ve hurt you, to forgive and move on. Now that doesn't mean you have to their best friend and entertain the bad energy they can bring at times but to LOVE. I was watching Lee Daniels’ The Butler and this quote said by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resonated with me. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.” So I encourage everyone to be the light on today, not only forgive but LOVE those who have hurt you.

I Love You ❤
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