Will Climate Change Education Survive the Trump Age?
Soni Sangha

Do you really expect to be taken seriously when this story has so many basic errors of fact? The organization that did the mailing of “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” and DVD to 300,000 teachers is The Heartland Institute, not the Heritage Foundation. Myron Ebell is with the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), not Heartland. And The Heartland Institute is not “working with the oil and gas industries” to produce this book or any other. The project, part of the Climate Change Reconsidered series of volumes, is funded by individual and foundation donations — none of which have ties to “oil and gas industries.”

Like one of the teachers you interviewed — and you made a big mistake not reaching out to Heartland before publishing — The Heartland Institute wants to help her students “understand climate change and what’s causing it.” That is why we published and mailed this book to teachers. Another one of the teachers you interviewed said she is a “Just the facts, Jack,” kind of person. Neither she, nor your readers, can trust the facts in this story. See the links below for fact-based information about this effort and The Heartland Institute.