There is still a large contingent of Democrats who hate, and I mean hate, Bernie Sanders and his supporters for daring to have mounted a serious challenge to the Anointed One and the coronation that had been 8 years in the making.
Three Reasons why the Democratic Elite Will Never Give Up the Russia-Gate Narrative

8 years in the making? Try 24. Back in 1992 Bill was touting, “two for the price of one” and Hillary’s fans have been waiting ever since.

In ’00 Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones were way too fresh for a Hillary run. That plus the tiny fact that Hillary had never been elected to any public office. In any case, the Clinton’s were busy collecting “gifts” from the White House that they would later return.

Hillary’s clear loss to Obama in ’08 just made Hillary’s fans that much more bitter in ’16.

In that perspective, it at least makes the depth of their loathing for Bernie a bit easier to understand (at least theoretically).