Did you miss all the trials of those who did the actual break-in?
Did you miss all the trials of those who did the actual break-in?
Sandra Lee Smith

Actually yes, I did. I was in elementary school and not paying much attention, I must admit. I’ve read a lot about it, but never read what you’re writing. If you’ve got some links to back that up, it would be much appreciated! I’m always happy to learn and potentially then adjust my opinion(s).

I can and very much do separate:

  1. Tampering with physical election apparatus (voting machines, ballots, voter registration, etc.) to affect election results; from
  2. Collecting political information (doing so illegally is what the Watergate scandal was about) and using that information to manipulate public opinion in an election.

Most people most definitely do not use your definition of “election manipulation” (2). They use mine (1). Type “election manipulation” into an internet search engine, and the results are almost 100% about “election fraud” which is my definition.

This distinction is important because (1) is always illegal, and (2) is only illegal in some instances.

This is (again) particularly important because the Democrats and a lot of the MSM are trying to conflate unproven allegations of (2) with (1), in an effort to push the US aggressively towards war with Russia.

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