Everything That Scares Us About Autonomous Cars Is In Windshield Wipers
Mitch Turck

As a car guy 40+ years and an electrical engineer working in industrial systems design for nearly 30 years, I found it interesting that the two points I was waiting for did not get made in this article.

We have yet to make autonomous windshield wipers that function 100%. This after 100 years of windshield wiper experience, and 40+ years of autonomous wiper developement. Yet we think we’re anywhere close to automating the entire driving experience?

The second point is the key one for me. Who gets charged with manslaughter when your fully autonomous car with noone behind the wheel runs over my child? Elon Musk? His head of Automous Design? Her Lead Engineer? You, the owner of the car? Your husband in the back seat who was using your car? If that question is left unanswered the future looks pretty damn bleak for people outside of those autonomous cars. Why continue expensive engineering improvements of autonomous design if there is no clear liability?

“Which car company do you work for?” “A major one.”