I completely debunked you with exhaustive links, statistics and a full post.

Caity is too kind. I (she certainly) could spend a couple hours refuting all the points in your long diatribe. I’ll keep it short. Two sentences from your post:

The Impartiality Clause does not mean they can’t have a preference for one candidate over the other.

Are you fucking retarded? Impartiality means…wait for it…”impartiality.” No preference for one candidate over another. That didn’t happen.

Following sentence from you:

It means they can’t openly take any real action against them.

No. Not “real” action. Any action. You want to relativize and say that X isn’t real action because, “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.”

Fuck that. Thoughts don’t matter. Thoughts are internal. Actions matter. Every action. Every action that was not impartial was illegal, according to the DNC charter. End of story.

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