The Biggest Plot Hole In Russiagate Is That Nobody Can Even Say What It Is
Caitlin Johnstone

David Sirota tried on Twitter a couple days ago to get evidence of Russian gov’t interference in the 2016 election. Spoiler alert! In the response chain you’ll find no links to evidence.

Coincidentally, I was conversing with someone in the comment section of The Hill at the same time about the lack of evidence. In the final statement my master debater opponent posted, he said we can wait for the results of the investigation, but it is a “foregone conclusion” that there was collusion. He couldn’t have proven one of the main points of this essay (and Michael Tracey’s column from March) any better, “We know he’s guilty. Now we just have to find the evidence.”

To be clear: I’m 100% sure that Trump is corrupt, took/takes money from Russians (and lots of other people) for shady deals, took help from whomever (including the Russians) during the election, etc. I’m just as sure that no evidence that Russia had anything to do with illegally interfering in the election, e.g. hacking voting machines — including hacking the DNC — will ever be presented. If I’m wrong I’ll be eating a big slice of humble pie with a side order of crow, but after a year of constant MSM, deep state and McResistance repetition that it is true, with zero evidence, I’m not worried about eating that meal.