I started writing posts about her under the heading “Burning Bridges Dept.”, because they seemed not only willing to burn every bridge but enthusiastic about it.
Probably more like a set of encyclopedias.
Jeremy Riddle

Exactly. I furthered the analogy to post that they would burn the bridges and dynamite the foundations, just to make it that much harder to rebuild.

You were far more woke than I in 2008. I was overwhelmed with life and work.

I have a YouTube library titled, “Hillary Bullshit” with currently 95 videos in it. One of them, “Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal” came out at the end of 2015. I’m old enough to remember the 90’s (and the 80’s, and a lot of the 70's…) and although I think some of the “crimes” in the video are dubious, some of them I hadn’t thought of in years, particularly those in and at the end of the 90’s (e.g. Marc Rich) and had numerous, “Oh right!”moments.

As I posted the other day, the one huge difference between Bill’s wins in the 90’s and Hillary’s losses 12–20 years later was the explosion of on-line content. Anyone watching the video, “Hillary Clinton lying for 13 Minutes straight” who is not in the 3% of Dems who would support Clinton if she sacrificed a baby and ate it’s heart on stage, (“We need to concentrate on what Trump is doing!” “Russia hacked the video and used CGI to replace Ivanka’s head with Hillary’s!”) would at least come away from the viewing with some questions about Clinton’s honesty. At 14 million views and counting, that is a lot of people doubting her. The point is, when Bill was running, that type of video didn’t exist. The technology didn’t exist.

The days of a Clinton (Bill or Hillary) type campaign being successful are over for good (in both senses of the word).

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