4,400 people any one of whom could be a total nut job tipped over the edge by the mainstream media’s constant references to Russian propaganda as “information warfare” and the election meddling as “an act of war”, and take things into their own hands.
My Response To The McCarthyists
Caitlin Johnstone

For those readers who don’t have any public persona, this may sound hyperbolic. It’s not, although I must admit that until it hit home with me I also discounted it somewhat.

My wife makes YouTube videos for about five years. DIY, clothing, lifestyle, even some about our dog. Point is — absolutely non-political. And yet a few years ago someone wrote that he was going to hunt my wife down and kill her for some comment she made on-line. Was this person serious? Did he actually try? We don’t know, but it sure as shit made it clear how vulnerable average folk are.

We have family. We live in a big city. We walk on the streets every day. Thankfully nothing ever went further and we heard no more, but since then we are very careful about sharing personal information.

Keep yourself safe Caitlin. You’re talking truth to power and crashing the gates of long held denial and emotional investment. People do stupid and dangerous things when their cognitive dissonance gets very large.

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