I would like you to be right, but I think that’s somewhat wishful thinking.
Benjamin T. Awesome

I don’t think we’re really disagreeing, or if so not much. I didn’t respond about the Overton window. I totally agree that 30 years of neo-liberal dominance in the D party has helped move that window to the “right.” Aside — Interesting how two years of Bernie Sanders on the national stage has moved it back to the “left” on multiple points (I use quotes because I don’t really like the left/right distinction, but it is common so I use it here).

I think the Overton window and the base are related, and the fact the Overton window has moved is part of the reason that Trump got elected. My point is that those voters didn’t get massively more racist in the last eight years. They did however get significantly more desperate since 2008.

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