BTW, you all trot out that 3 month old, single poll, which simply listed a bunch of random names…
Rebecca Gavin

I have to wonder if you start to foam at the mouth when you start on your stream of consciousness bullshit as you do above.

The funnest part for me is how bad you all are at math, or how bad you think we all are. Ds are only about 30% of the country. Rs a bit less. We (I)s are way more. Ergo, you can’t win without us. And yet like the little tyrant jerks you are, you continue to think that insulting and lying about us will somehow convince us to support your piece of shit corporate whore candidates. That worked for a long time, but those days are over now, princess. They’re not coming back.

You can go on having your tantrum. We grown ups will be waiting once you’ve gotten this out of your system.

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