Or if you’re self-aware enough you can do it without an traveling to another country and/or living…
Joe Cicalese

If someone can view the US from a point of view of outside the US while still being inside the US, that would be impressive. Not quite sure how feasible it would be to have majority foreign input while still in the US, but hats off to anyone who has does it.

I didn’t go on vacation. I emigrated. I realized even 23 years ago, that Europe had advantages for me as a resident that were better than those in the US. Specifically, I got a letter from my employer that company policy was changing from 4 weeks of vacation at 15 years to 4 weeks of vacation at 20 years. In Austria (where I emigrated), 5 weeks of vacation is the standard, and I had an offer from a firm where I’d get 6 weeks after 1 year. Plus 13 public holidays. The math was straightforward. I ended up starting my own firm instead of taking a job with an Austrian firm, but that is another story.

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