Milo self-destructed shortly after this. A tape surfaced in which he made warm, jokey comments regarding pedophilia and he became instantly radioactive — fired from Breitbart, his six-figure book-contract cancelled and he’s mercifully slunk back under whatever obscure rock from which he’d originally crawled out.
Jeremy Riddle

I’m happy Milo is back under his rock, but in the interest of accuracy, Milo made “warm, jokey comments regarding” pederasty — of which he was a victim — and then (I believe intentionally) conflated pederasty and pedophilia. Yiannopoulos strongly denounced pedophilia, but left his feelings about pederasty clear. His conflation failed IMO because most people don’t know the difference between pedophilia and pederasty. I know I didn’t before all this, and I’ve seen the Big Lebowski about 5 times.

Yiannopoulos was a victim of sexual predators who now claims he was a willing participant and able as a young teen to make sexual decisions as an equal with adults. So in one sense he is a tragic figure. That being said, he is working through his trauma (to my armchair psychologist eyes) in the most horrible way by preaching about how such abhorrent behavior is OK under certain circumstances. I think he should take whatever money he’s earned and go get some therapy. The world is a better place without his toxic rhetoric.