Putin Didn’t Do It
Dave Pell

I’m with you, but the last couple of paragraphs skirt a huge issue. Trump was clearly going to be a huge failure as a president. Clinton would have been a disastrous success.

Clinton lobbied for and got “Hilary’s war” in Libya. The Russians, with their place on the UN security council, agreed not to vote against the “humanitarian no fly zone” in Libya, under the express promises of the US that it would not be used for regime change. France, the UK and the US reneged on that agreement, and Libya is now another free-range Jihadist paradise. Putin didn’t do that. Actually, he tried to stop it.

Trump gets his best press when illegally bombing and invading Syria. Putin didn’t do that.

Russia is in Syria at the request of the sovereign government — recognized by the UN — of Syria. Clinton calls for a repeat of Libya in Syria with another no-fly-zone that pretty much guarantees armed conflict with Russia. Putin didn’t do that either.

That the Russians would prefer a candidate that didn’t pretty much guarantee that the current Syrian proxy war would become an actual war between great powers is rather understandable. Many of us who voted for Jill Stein felt the same way. My vote had everything to do with stopping the endless US wars in the Mid-East which have lead to the worst refugee crisis in Europe since WWII. It had almost nothing to do with Putin.

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