It’s my recollection that failure to follow preservation regulations is handled as an administrative issue, not a criminal one.
Hi Ron,
Sonja Farnsworth

Incorrect. Mishandling gov’t documents is a criminal offense. Mishandling classified gov’t documents is a serious criminal offense.

Can’t find similar cases? You aren’t looking very hard. The link below is for similar cases, but is actually one page of a very extensive timeline of the Clinton e-mail scandal. Written by a liberal Democrat.

Regarding willfulness:

Overview of the laws possibly broken (including FOIA), with details:

The ONLY reason that Clinton was not indicted and prosecuted (and 99.9% sure convicted — but then not as she’d get a plea deal[1]) is because she is incredibly powerful politically. That’s it.

[1] All of this would have happened during the campaign, which would have raised another huge issue. If Clinton were to be convicted she could lose her security clearance and/or be barred from holding office. Of course the FBI knew this, and of course the Clinton campaign knew this and of course the DNC (aka the Clinton campaign) knew this, making her candidacy easily one of the riskiest political calculations ever.