Flashbangs, tear gas, high decibel noise and rubber bullets don’t compare to bayonets and grenades.
Son of Roy

It is the trend that is clear, and that is where it is going. The following quote is from, “When SWAT Raids Are Routine

That’s how I think we have seen the expansion of the stat that we quote in the film: 3,000 raids per year in the 1980s, whereas now it’s between 50,000 and 80,000 raids per year. We’ve just seen this incredible escalation, and it’s not hard to imagine how that happens when you’re rubber-stamping warrants.

That is just one statistic. Here’s another.

Cops do 20,000 no-knock raids a year. Civilians often pay the price when they go wrong.

SWAT no-knock raids that kill people in about 1% of those raids (see the story above) are now the new normal. 15–25x more raids than a couple decades ago, police bursting in and shooting people in their homes. That’s now.

And again, the trend is going up. Not down. Not holding steady. Up. Heavier weapons, more military response. Fewer and fewer thoughts about the 4th amendment.

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