Where The Hell Is Lando Calrissian?
Rod T Faulkner

Lando Calrissian should be dead or present in the current Star Wars story line.

I can see the opinion that Lando doesn’t have much place in the current story, the same way I agree with Harrison Ford that Han Solo should have been killed off in the first trilogy. Han was way past his sell date when Kylo Ren made him a patricidal shish kebab. Lando was cut from the same cloth. You don’t spend your life swindling people who carry blasters and fly armed space ships and then retire to bungalow in the Naboo lake country.

All that being said, Lando is a great character, and IMO either he should be a wizened consultant for the alliance, helping them collect funds without the first order tracing them — a plot hole aching to be filled — or his death and absence should have been at least mentioned and explained. Ignoring him completely is rather insulting.

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