I do agree that there are many levels of crime Trump is indictable for already.
gregory rush

My point continues to be that those trees you’re pointing at are probably not on fire. And even if there are a few flames there, Trump and co. will point out (correctly) the exact same fires are burning in the Clinton woods. Right or wrong, those fires will burn each other out at the firebreak of public opinion.

Meanwhile, a fucking inferno is engulfing the Mid-East, and threatens to burn up Europe. The Mid-East fire has been burning a long time as well, but Trump is clearly and illegally setting new fires there.

Maybe another phrase is known to you, “Pick the low hanging fruit.” The constant red-baiting and Russia-phobia based on absolutely nothing or very, very close to nothing when there are so many big real Trump crimes that are committed openly says that the entire Russia-gate bullshit is not about Russia. The US public is being used (again) for the purpose of generating consent for more war.

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