For another, if American citizens are run through with bayonets or blown apart with grenades, there will be firefights on American streets only one step short of Mogadishu. American citizens will simply not put up with it.
The police will not use grenades or bayonets on people in the US.
Son of Roy

Really? Here is some footage from Ferguson only three years ago. You remember the massive outrage in the general US population about the illegal police attacks on citizen then? Yeah, me neither, because there weren’t any.

Ms. Johnstone is describing some of the next steps:

  1. Claim the left is violent as well. (happening now)
  2. Claim the cops are “outgunned” by White Supremacists. (happening now); then
  3. Cops will “be attacked” and “must” fight back with even more lethal military style weapons and armament than they’re already using.

Step three won’t happen overnight, just like we didn’t get where we are overnight, but the trend has been very clear in that direction.

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