Brilliant — this is a solid example of the misdirection and “whataboutism” tactic that Wil is…
Thomas Hubbard

Thanks for the complement. I found my response brilliant as well. Yours, less so.

I responded to your post in and of itself. I made no reference to the essay you were posting about. You were posting a hypothetical conversation to prove a point against Trump. I pointed out (correctly) that your argument is based on a falsehood. This makes it invalid (or at least very difficult to argue conclusively against superior rhetoric and facts — like mine).

I further pointed out that the great orange idiot has lots of legitimate crimes that could be used as a basis for arguing against him. However, those crimes are seen positively by the monetary vampires running the US and their MSM Renfields.

By using his fake crimes to go after Trump, rather than his real crimes, you make yourself a tool of the oligarchs. You should go back to the shed and contemplate that.

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