We assuredly do have evidence.

The Facebook “Russian” ad buys is the weakest, lamest claim of “Russian meddling” (with no definition of “meddling” ever provided) until we got, “Russia used Pokemon Go” to “meddle” in the election. $100k in Facebook ads, compared to roughly $4 billion spent on the election is 0.0025% of election spending. Those are not significant digits (teeny tiny math joke).

If laws were broken, arrest some people and charge them. I’ll be surprised if Mueller finds something more than has been re-hashed now for nearly a year and a half, but who knows.

That Trump is corrupt is not (in my mind) a question. Regular corruption of the business kind.

The question for me is, how is it believable to anyone that our idiot savant president, who can’t manage a full paragraph of cohesive speech, somehow lead a multi-faceted, international, coordinated conspiracy with a foreign power to illegally win the election — and do that while staying ahead of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, DHS, etc.? All those groups were watching him like a hawk from the middle of 2015 when Trump announced. Yet Trump — the guy who openly brags to reporters about sexually harassing women — somehow that guy secretly masterminded a plot to win the presidency with the help of Russian spies and covered his tracks sooooo well that there is not a single election law breach that he or anyone on his team can be arrested and charged for after 18 months of investigation? Really? I say, “No fucking way.”

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