What is BS about Russian hacking and Russian media influencers?
Mark D.

You’re conflating two issues. Every major power (including Russia) tries to influence media. We do it, England, Germany, France, China and yes, Russia, does it. There are (particularly in the US) a lot of ways to do this legally. That is one issue, and I have never claimed, nor supported the claim, that Russia does not try to influence media (all over the world, particularly in Russia).

There is no proof for Russian hacking of the DNC, John Podesta, the DCCC, etc. None. There have been a lot of allusions and allegations made, but zero hard proof provided, and extremely little even strong circumstantial evidence. We have seen in the very recent past, times when proof of foreign hacking was provided, resulting in indictments (China). The fact that in this case — which supposedly is so much more important and so very clear cut — no hard evidence has been provided, leads anyone who is objective to conclude that such evidence does not exist. Otherwise stated: If there were hard proof, after over 9 months the NSA (over a year in the case of Crowdstrike) would have provided it.

I’m on the side of evidence and hard facts, “MOFO.” So far, none have been provided that Russia hacked anyone in the US related to the 2016 election.

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