He can call himself whatever he wants, but that doesn’t make it true.
Camilo Vilaseca

You’re moving the goal posts. The statement was, “Bernie is not a democrat.” Being in Vermont, and as there is no party affiliation requirement, being a Democrat is not limited to being in the Democratic party. So he actually can call himself a Democrat, and that is what he is.

Bernie “attacks” anyone who represents forces and powers dedicated to making life for average Americans worse. That used to be what the Democratic party stood for. Bernie has caucused with the Democrats as long as he has been in congress, IIRC (maybe a couple years less). So he has been “identifying” with the Ds for decades.

There were no “Berniecrat” coattails? No shit Sherlock. Bernie had the primary rigged against him and lost. You don’t have long coattails when your own party works against you. If Bernie had won the nomination and the D establishment had gotten behind our progressive platform, Trump would have been trounced and the coattails would have been epic.

The D establishment would rather lose and keep their corruption than win and lose their corruption. The four special elections this year only reinforce that.

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