Putting the Clinton Foundation in Context: Corruption Plain on the Face of It
Amy Sterling Casil

You write some great articles. Very impressed. As others have noted, I hope you have a good security system. The word “Arkanside” has real meaning for going on 30 years.

I hope you do an article on CHAI. What I’ve read is that CHAI is the only Clinton Foundation affiliated group that actually spends money helping other people, and conflating CHAI and the CF is where the Clinton apologists get their numbers claiming about all the good that CF does. They are separate entities (CHAI spun off from the CF in 2010) with separate boards. I haven’t had time to research if the CHAI numbers are as bogus as the CF ones, but it was in the news (sort of) recently that CHAI has not declared their foreign donors, has not said they will stop taking foreign donations if Clinton is elected and Chelsea Clinton will remain on the board if Hillary is elected, a continuing clear conflict of interest.

One thing I don’t remember seeing in your articles is something Thomas Frank wrote about in February. That at the bottom of all of the CF foreign “initiatives” is microlending, and the money that brings to big Clinton donors. Here is a link.

Looking forward to your next post.

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