Stop Over Analyzing Everything!

Sometimes it’s worth the risk…

Jessica Lambert
Feb 10, 2014 · 3 min read

Years ago when I first joined the Twittersphere I tweeted this as a joke…

But, realistically, when I tweeted that statement there was more truth to it than humor.

I am a queen of over analysis.

When it comes to making decisions, I think and think. Then think some more. Then plan. Then analyze my plan, and think about that. I spend too damn much time planning and thinking, and not enough time doing.

I replay conversations in my head, and second-guess the tone or dialogue of the conversation. Did I come across poorly? Did you see the expression on their face? Oh god, they must think I’m an idiot! Being the introvert that I am, who already feels somewhat socially awkward, I’m only making life harder and less enjoyable for myself.

And when I take the time to analyze my over analysis of everything (yeah) … It’s not hard to discover why I do it.


I’m spending too much time thinking and planning because it’s safer than jumping off a cliff, or finally taking that step to action. In action, there is always some amount of risk, sometimes even great risk.

When interacting with people there are risks involved as well. You can make or break connections and relationships. You can make yourself vulnerable and allow people to see you as you really are and they may reject you.

Both action and interaction set you up for possible risks of failure and rejection. If you’re ever going to do or have anything fulfilling in your life you have to be willing to accept this and put yourself out there despite it.

Sure, it’s responsible and wise to plan ahead. But those who just plan and dream and never DO, are kind of useless. At some point you’ve got to move and go with your gut. You can continue to plan as you go and see what life throws at you. Don’t wait too long… it sucks to feel like you’re making up for lost time because fear held you back. Believe me.

Not everyone is going to love you or even like you. Not everyone’s opinion of you should matter to you. Don’t put too much value in them. Be who you are. More importantly, listen to yourself to know who that is. Don’t look to other people for your identity or self-validation. Don’t deny yourself your talents and capabilities. But don’t become a self-involved asshole either. People forget dumb conversations, but it’s hard to forget a jerk.

So I’m doing my best to stop thinking quite so much when it comes to my life, and just do, act, and interact. Try it.


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