Can’t Even Eat Lunch Anymore Without Having Faith in Humanity Restored

Fountain in International Square Building, Washington, D.C. — Photo by James Landrith

So, I’m eating my lunch around the fountain in the International Square Building near my daytime job. It is a quiet and peaceful place where I like to read after finishing off my lunch. Seated next to me on the long bench seating that encircles the fountain is an African woman (no idea which country — sorry), wearing a scarlet and black hijab. She is with her (6 year old or so) son who has some type of profound developmental disability.

She is clearly very practiced with his care and with one arm, smoothly moves him around her so she can feed him. Once she is done, he is smiling and quiet for a bit while she eats. Eventually, he starts to make noises that indicates he is not happy with something about his current situation and she tries to sooth him by moving him to her other side and kissing him on the forehead.

I didn’t realize it at first, but she was singing softly and sweetly to him while rocking him back and forth. After a while I got it — she was singing Charlie Puth’s lines from Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.”

Great, now I got something in my damned eye. Stupid water fountain…

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