Sexual Violence Allies vs. Ideological Opportunists

James Landrith

Why are so many internet activists and arrogant third-wavers prone to co-opting male survivors as disposable talking points?

This is not competent advocacy. It fails to show even an ounce of empathy toward the BOY who was gang-raped and left for dead. It suggests that male survivors are not victim-blamed or shamed simply because our clothing and appearance are not a primary part of the process in how we are shamed and blamed.

Anyone asserting that male survivors are not victim-blamed over alcohol consumption or accused of lying is utterly incompetent with regard to this field of work. I LIVED that over and over after telling my story publicly. Sadly enough, even professionals working in rape crisis often fail male survivors seeking help when their own biases cloud their professional obligations.

Garbage advocacy like this is why I simply cannot deal with most internet activists anymore. Too many lack any real world expertise or a minimum of emotional intelligence, nor do they seem to actually care about the human beings involved in the process.

Why is it so acceptable to USE our traumas as ideological TALKING POINTS? Aside from lacking any actual competence on this topic, it is utterly devoid of humanity.

As a male survivor of a female predator, I certainly wouldn’t consider anyone involved in this kind of “advocacy” to be an ally. I’d even be loathe to consider them a safe person.

You aren’t actually helping. Thank you.

Please. Just. Fucking. Stop.

James Landrith

Written by

Syndicated blogger, civil liberties activist, rape/MST survivor and rape crisis worker, public speaker, publisher of The Multiracial Activist, Marine veteran.

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