I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

I thought you expressed it very well without bragging. At age 56, after many years of “trying,” I have gone through a similar epiphany and change, losing 50 lbs in two years (I was at about 200 lbs when I started). I have felt it was important to share what I was doing because I am a school director with 1500 students and parents, and 330 employees. Everything I do is public in this small community. I also felt like I could encourage others who need to take better care. My mantra has been “eat less and move more.” We just had a “choose to lose” program through our Health Office, and 50 employees participated, losing a total of 180 lbs in six weeks. That’s not a lot and we all know that one-off programs don’t lead to lasting change, but now I can identify 10 people who really want to change their lives, whom I can encourage and follow up with when I see them around the campus. Maybe one of my legacies when I move on from this school will be a few people who are healthier and whose lives will be better as a result of that encouragement.

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