FBI Director James Comey’s smoking gun

Her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me. And I then say, ‘You know what? The Department cannot, by itself credibly end this.’ The best chance we have as a justice system is if I do something I never imagined before: step away from them and tell the American people, look, here’s the FBI, here’s what we found, here’s what we think.
And that that offered us the best chance of the American people believing in the system.
The FBI had it’s seal covered with neon green spray paint, along with “we suck.” They could remove the words, but the paint on the seal couldn't be power washed off.

Is this the role of the FBI Director? Is it his job to manage the beliefs of the American people when they start to question whether the justice system is flawed?

And why does he use the word “belief?” Does this imply that the American people had a right to such beliefs? Were they wrong? Or were they correct and he was trying to avoid the damage so that the problem couldn’t be corrected?

How is the American public ever going to be able to enjoy their beliefs in a corrupted justice system to the extent that they’re motivated to fix the problems, if there is a dubious FBI Director who is willing to cover for a compromised Attorney General and manage the beliefs of the public by going beyond his mandate?

They’ve hinted that Comey is attempting to suggest that the Russians obtained emails from Democrat operatives (via Anthony’s laptop, which is another story) showing that they had secured assurances from Loretta Lynch (by an unnamed person) that Lynch would personally make sure to limit how far the FBI could go so as to help Hillary Clinton and her campaign for the President.

This is the smoking gun.

The truth is that Comey didn’t tell us everything he found. He doesn't want to talk about the most damaging things he’s found because he’s protecting the public from realizing how corrupt things were.

Why? Because they want to reauthorize 702.

It became more important to James Comey that he mask the corruption than address the problem. With smoking gun evidence in hand of collusion between Loretta Lynch and the Hillary Clinton campaign, combined with the meeting with President Clinton during an on-going investigation, Comey decided to “end this” by obstructing Justice through his public “chastising” of Hillary Clinton, and subsequent/on-going stalling of Congressional oversight.

FBI Director James Comey took over the role of the Judicial branch and made his own judgement in these various cases, not because he thought they couldn’t be prosecuted, but because he knew that prosecuting them would result in the public responding.

This political interference by FBI Director James Comey, mandated by USAG Loretta Lynch, started with his handling of the original Guccifer plea deal and lying to Congress about the extent to which President Bill Clinton’s server was compromised.

This further suggests that the same leverage that might have been held over Loretta Lynch with the “assurances” email might also be held over FBI Director Comey himself, as well. To the extent to which Comey went along with this “limiting,” up to, until, and beyond the “capper” of the airplane meeting, suggests that Comey is as compromised as Loretta Lynch was, perhaps more so.

It is for these reasons, and many more that would take a while to fully outline, FBI Director James Comey should be forced to immediately resign.

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