I have now been fully locked on Twitter for the following Tweet: https://twitter.com/laangled/status/1107795251190734849. I have appealed the violation and Twitter has yet to respond. They waited about 10 days to flag this tweet. I have other tweets up on other accounts specifically to see which ones they flag and don’t flag.

I also tweeted a screen shot of this to Devin Nunes and this was also flagged to be removed. I cannot even appeal or remove it because they want another phone number to verify.

Here is another one:

So I am effectively removed from Twitter right now.

Here’s the ridiculous response, several days later.

Now, for every account I log into Twitter, I get a page requesting a phone number. After I verify a phone number, I get a revolve page where they say the account it unlocked and then redirect me to page saying my account is locked, and to do the following, with nothing to do. Start just redirects to unlocked over and over again.

After clicking on this about 50 times, it eventually redirected to my account. After checking @langdaleca, I found that they flagged about 3–4 tweets designed to purposely get banned.