Our Aussie Adventures

Today we were taken by bus out to “The Olgas” — a kind of cousin to Uluru. Uluru is some 350 metres high while The Olgas are around 550 metres high. However The Olgas are a series of about 9 hugh rocks one after the other. We were able to hike in between two of the huge rocks. When we started off it was fairly cool — but not long after that the wind died down and the rocks heated up quickly — very hot by the time we were back to the bus.

The pathway started out fairly smooth but soon turned into a very rocky path!
The bridges are actually needed sometimes!
This is looking back from the way we came up — very pretty!
The path eventually comes to a “dead end”.
Here are the Olgas from a slight distance as we drove away.
Back at the Uluru village we enjoyed lunch in the “town square”.
There are some large solar panels in this area — and why not??

At 3:00 pm we left from the tiny airport on QANTAS with 120 passengers on board — bound for Cairns. Arrived in Cairns at 6:00 pm and headed for the hotel — which is really lovely. Had dinner at the hotel and then went for a stroll along the Promenade — going through a very interesting market.

Then right across the street from our hotel is the big Casino. We decided to try our luck before we returned to our hotel. We won $87 between us in 15 minutes so decided to “cut and run”! Something very different here is when you Cash Out — whatever money you are owed drops into a metal tray in $1 coins. I put $50 in a 2c machine — but wanted a 1c machine. When I realised what I had done I pushed Cash Out!! Out came 50 ($1) coins — and what a racket it made. Feels like you just won a thousand dollars!!

Off to bed now — we leave at 9:30 am for Kuranda — but more on that next time after we have been there.

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