Our Aussie Adventures

Last night we officially began our guided tour with a lovely dinner with the 44 people on our tour. This morning we went on a wonderful bus tour all over Melbourne. Stopped at some great places and took some nice pics. In an hour we leave by bus to drive 75 km to Phillip Island to see the Fairy Penguins at sunset. I am attaching some pics I took yesterday — and hope you enjoy. (Driving to the Island — kind of like driving to Granville Island!)

Some very colorful buildings in Melbourne — and some amazing architecture!
The saga of the suitcase!! Bought this one and got it home safely!! (Waiting for the tram here!)
Street entertainment near the Art Gallery.
Had to go back to take some more photos of Graffiti Alley!
Is this really graffiti — this should be in the National Art Gallery!!
Yesterday I sent this to you minus the face — went back and this is one day later!!
Also found this one in the Alley.
This is the building near the Yarra River that is 88 storeys high which we went up earlier.
Pedestrian walkway across the Yarra River. An American movie was filmed here — forget the name of it right now.
A cafe in the middle of the Yarra River (access from the walkway) and a tour boat.

We found this lovely cafe while on the circle tour yesterday by tram — Le Cirque. Wonderful coffee and great muffins! Note the piano player and a little girl “helping” him. He was so patient with her! This was around 2:30 in the afternoon. Wonderful way to relax for a bit before returning to our hotel.

I was very curious as to why there are so many young Asian people here. Sometimes the streets seem to be 75% Asian individuals. Bus driver told us today that they have 7 universities here and they cater heavily to foreign students. Some of the universities are close to downtown. Mystery solved. ONE bedroom apartment for rent in the downtown area — $660 per WEEK!! Ta ta for now!

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