Our Aussie Adventures

This morning we went “walkabout” in another part of downtown Darwin. I will share just a few photos we took on our time downtown.

Here is our hotel where we are staying during our time in Darwin. It is on Smith Street.
I have been surprised by the number of “highrise” buildings here in Darwin.
Another corner of Darwin CBD with a new highrise in the background.

Here is a statue of John Stuart — the explorer who reached Darwin from Adelaide. The tree in the background is called the “Rain Tree.” Apparently the leaves close up each night, catch any dew on its leaves, and then drops the water when the leaves open again in the morning — hence the name!

This afternoon we spent a lovely time with one of my past students from Brackendale Elementary School in Squamish. I so wanted to meet her, as I remember her as a super nice young girl in about Grade 5, and her mother was absolutely wonderful as a parent at the school. We met up and she (Alexa) took us to the local museum — which was a huge surprise as it is very big and has some amazing displays.

Here we are with Alexa.
Alexa met an Aussie in Whistler some years ago. I think you know the rest of this story. She followed him to Australia some 5 years ago. She is enjoying her time in Darwin.
Here is the Darwin Museum we visited — and we had a delicious lunch there too with Alexa.
Some interesting “car door” art in front of the museum.
A display inside the museum — yes we were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted!!
This is what the aboriginals used in past times for burial purposes.
One of many wonderful display areas in the museum.

One area of the museum was devoted to displays of the devastation from cyclone Tracy Dec 25, 1974.

It was difficult to imagine what the people of Darwin went through at that time.

In the museum they had a sound proof room you could enter where they had an actual original recording of the wind and noise that had been recorded during the cyclone. It was quite an eerie experience knowing that others heard that sound and lost their lives.

We strolled down to the “beach area” after we visited the museum. Not the Gold Coast but it has its own beauty. Interesting that beside the museum is a water skiing facility and apparently quite a few go water skiing. What about the crocodiles? Seems the skiers take their chances — just don’t fall in the water — go really fast!!

Very pretty area.
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