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The Widow Maker

Growing up, my father was a recreational pilot. While I never understood the appeal, he found it relaxing to defy the laws of gravity with 2 tons of metal and gas on a Sunday…

Notation and Me

I met Nick Chirls in 2013 at an event Josh Miller hosted at the Branch office in NYC. It was a round table conversation, very informal. Afterwards, Nick and I ended up chatting…

Madam Justice Joan Lax

I delivered this eulogy at my mom’s funeral on November 6, 2013

I was raised by a pioneer.

How does this end?

Contemplating the end of your business

The documentary “Shut Up and Play The Hits” opens with an interview between the writer Chuck Klosterman and…

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Dead Man Falls

Breaking news is not broken

In the wake of this past week’s events there is a lot of talk about how the media and the Internet deals with breaking news. There are a lot of people claiming…

5 Albums That Changed How I Thought About Music

I was thinking about what albums fundamentally changed how I thought about music the first time I heard them. There are more than five in my life but these five I can remember vividly.

  1. Paul’s Boutique - Beastie Boys
    I remember listening to it and being so confused. Licensed to Ill was so accessible and this was dense and…

Enter the Hyperlapse

“What am I looking at?” I asked

It was a Wednesday morning and Peter Nitsch, the Director of our Labs group at Teehan+Lax was standing in my office. We…

Our Walking Dead (aka Image Spark)


In September of 2008, one of our designers, Greg Washington, began discussing a frustration he had. When starting any design…

Technics SL-1200 - The same design after 40 years and no competitor ever improved on it

10 years of Teehan+Lax

10 years ago today (Oct 2, 2002), Geoff and I started this company. The two of us and one employee, a designer who previously worked with us at Modem Media, started…