Great post, Jon.
Peter Kang

Bill Walsh’s West Coast offences were more scripted and revolutionary for the time. QBs were given very precise instructions and not encouraged to go off script. I highly recommend Walsh’s “The Score Takes Care of Itself” where he talks about a lot of his methods. I was going to cover Walsh in the talk becasue I agree that his scripting of initial plays and drilling are valuable lessons for teams but it was a level of detail I wasn’t prepared to get into.

I tend to run the same initial plays on products and would encourage teams to standardize the first few plays, particualrly around problem defintion. I really like calling “Jobs To Be Done” as one of the first plays on any product I am working on. I haven’t rigidly set this but it is pretty consistent.

Having more set plays up front can make it easy for teams to get moving quickly and not debate which plays they should run.