5 Aspects to Mastering Life Balance

A lot people think that life balance is some unattainable dream. That if you try to balance things you will end up with mediocrity across the board. But that’s not the case. These people just haven’t figured it out. Here are 5 aspects I’ve found to impact life balance the most:

1. Emotions
 Emotions like anger, jealousy and fear are primal and if you let them control you, it will lead to a lot of suffering. The good news is that we’ve evolved and can rise above them. We can acknowledge that they are there, we can express them, we can choose not to cling to them. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

2. Exercise
 We are meant to move. When we are inactive our brain chemistry starts to change — serotonin takes a dip. That’s why exercise is such a good antidepressant. The type of exercise you choose is less important than how consistent you are in getting daily exercise.

3. Relationship
 Everyone’s had a toxic relationship at some point in their life. A bad relationship tries to control you, to change you for the worse. True love is selfless. It’s about being happy for your partners happiness. It’s about letting your partner be themselves and to uplift them instead of putting them down.

4. Financial
 We live in a capitalist system where we need to make money to survive. That means when money is low, stress rises and impact other aspects of our life. It helps to have more money and to have the knowledge and the confidence to produce it on your own.

5. Time
 You can make a lot of money but if your time is constantly tied up working, other parts of your life will suffer. Avoid the trap. Instead of grinding yourself into the ground, it’s better to set habits and limits on your time to make sure you spend time enjoying what you are working for. Surprisingly you will find that the results don’t diminish, they get better.

Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.

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