Feeling Depressed? Help Someone Else

I was listening to a podcast about psychology yesterday and the doctor was explaining that someone who is depressed is always thinking about what others think about them. People who are depressed don’t really look you in the eyes. They don’t really listen as much as waiting to say something next. They constantly criticize themselves and use the word I much more frequently than other people.

It reminded me of when I used to train athletes that are striving for many years towards a goal. Once they achieved their goal they would feel lost and start to feel sad and depressed. One of the best things that person could do was to help others with their goals.

It goes without saying that depression has a lot to do with stress, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

But it seems that one of the best ways to start turning things around is to turn your attention outwards.

To focus on helping someone else. To do that kind hearted act you’ve always wanted to do.

Maybe it’s volunteering your time for a cause. Maybe it’s helping out a friend.

Whatever it may be, it can’t hurt to try.

Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.