How buzz spreads about your business

Chelsea and I went to a silent disco. If you’ve never been, the way it works is that everyone wears headphones you can switch between 3 channels or colours (red, green and blue). Every colour is connected to a different DJ that is on stage competing to get the crowd to light up to their colour.

It was a great marketing experiment to me.

What happens is that if someone loves a song and their headphones are say glowing red, that person tends to tap their friends and convinces them to switch to red. Next thing you know, others start to notice everyone having fun dancing to red and like a virus the crowd starts to change to red.

After a certain amount of time the DJ that has had the least amount of colour in the crowd gets booted out and they are left with 2 DJ’s competing for the crowd. One thing that was very obvious to me was that some DJ’s would try so hard to get the crowd to switch by jumping up and down and being loud demanding that people switch. But in the end, the one that had the best beats won.

What can we learn from this experiment?

The best marketing isn’t done by shouting or advertising, it’s done by creating a remarkable product or service. The best marketing is the business — a business that moves a customer so much that they feel the need to tap their friends on the shoulder to tell them to switch.

Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.