I did a seminar on leadership this week

I did a seminar on Thursday about leadership. I talked about how there’s a culture shift going on where leadership is moving from the old fashion “do as I say” dictator style of leadership to a more cooperative inspirational style of leadership.

That leaders should take off the armour and lead from a place of vulnerability and openness rather than one of fear and control. The good news for those wearing armour is that armour is heavy and it weighs you down over time.

I talked about what I think is the most underrated quality of a leader — humility.

I explained how society has painted a picture that the leader should be on the front line leading the troups but that’s not how it works.

I quoted Lao Tzu that said “all streams flow to the sea because the see is lower than them. Learn how to follow if you want to learn how to lead”

In other words be a humble leader.

Women are perticularly great for this style of leadership. As mothers in they were born to multi-task, to connect with others, to ask for help.

I’m the first to say that men like myself should drop their ego and listen carefully to women. Men were hunters, they’re wired for focus while women naturally connect with others.

Women in general may not be physically stronger than men but you can’t deny they have more moral power (which is now very important online), they have better intuition, self-sacrifice, endurance and courage.

The internet is wired like the woman’s brain. I don’t know many men connecting in Facebook groups, expressing their feelings and recommending things. They control the internet.

I predict that as everything continues to move online more women will be moving into leadership roles. Of course many insecure men will feel threatened but I think it’s a great thing for the world we live in.

I talked about how women will choose what’s right over what’s profitable and that’s why we need more women in leadership roles.

I got to meet great people and my favorite part as always was the questions at the end. I hope you get to attend a talk one of these days.

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