I never knew meditation would be so powerful

I started meditating because I was stressed out and had heard that it could help. I made it a daily habit and gradually I started to get less anxious (It even helped me give up my life-long addiction to bitting my nails, even though I really thought that was impossible) then I started to see benefits like being able to think at a higher level in my business — because it’s like my head finally had space to think. But that’s not all, gradually I started to realized I was less snappy with people and situations that were not going my way. I event started to care more for myself and eat healthy and exercising became easier, I even gave up alcohol for good.

I have to say, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life!

So one day I posted on my business incubators site that I was interested in starting a meditation retreat and received an email from a a healer and meditation teacher in town named Catherine Hull who had read my blog so we met at Starbucks. When she met me the first thing she said when she sat down was that she had an intuitive feeling in her car on her way to meet me that something big was going to happen between us. Something like a massive meditation event with thousands of people.

I didn’t think much of it at the time but a few weeks later we decided to have meditation on Parliament hill.

We may not have had a thousand people show up (yet) but we had our first meditation event on Monday called Happiness on the hill. 200+ amazing people showed up for our mission to bring greater happiness, love, and community to our beloved city of Ottawa.

If you’re looking to infuse your day and life with a greater dose of positive vibes and happiness and be part of a community that fosters loving kindness in each of its members join us. Help us make this vision come to life so we can create a ripple effect that transforms the culture in Ottawa as a whole.

It’s going on every Monday on Parliament hill at noon where Catherine has hand picked the most talked about teachers and healers from around the city to guide people through a free meditation. If you’ve never given meditation a try, here’s a great opportunity to try it.

Join us! Join the movement!

Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.