Living Authentically

The only way to resonate with others in this world is to let go of the expectations and opinions of others.
 Let go of everything your parents, your friends and teachers want you to become and live your life.

You’re not a kid anymore. There’s no more gold stars for being good. Drop the dependency.
 You’re an adult.
 It’s your life now, not theirs.
 Live it.

Do what matters most to you.
 Listen to what your heart is whispering.
 Do what makes you feel alive and happy.

I know it’s scary but you want you or your art to resonate you have to rid yourself of all your fears.

Don’t let anyone limit your potential. We only have one life to live.
 Don’t let anyone tell you who you should or shouldn’t be.
 Live in your reality not theirs.

Stop trying to please others at your expense.
 Be brave. Stop looking for a map. There is no map.
 Just decide to be who you are and the world will respond.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.

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