Why Do We Wait for a Disaster to Strike?

Hurricane Irma has just broken the record for the strongest wind for the longest time frame.

Last week when I was in Whistler a friend of mine was telling me that the glacier ice was melting so fast off the mountains that rock avalanches are putting their area at risk of flooding their community.

Most of us know that we are destroying the soil, the air and the water yet as a whole we can’t seem to do anything about it.

Of course when things change some people lose and will hold their grip until they can’t no more. Money, resources and power being major resisters to change.

When I was a personal trainer there was two obvious reasons people jolted into action. The first one was if someone had a heart attack and the second one was if someone went through a divorce.

As a society we seem to be allergic to prevention and only act out of fear. We are addicted to instant gratification.

But I’m optimistic when I travel to places where the culture cares about the environment.

Like strings on a puppet our society is controlled by our culture. Culture is created through stories that come from above and are passes on from person to person.

But there’s an opportunity here. Because never in history have we ever been so connected to each other. The keyboard, the microphone or video camera is right there for us to create our own stories. We just have to turn it on. Our voice matters and our actions even more.

In times of uncertainty we need truth warriors. We need renegades who are tuned into what’s going on. Aware and expressive people who will speak their truth.

We need to stop choosing what’s easy or quick and focus on what’s wise.
 We need to stop being selfish and act selfless.
 We need to stop thinking that our individual actions don’t matter because they do.

I leave you with this video I found of the way we used to think:


Originally published at Jean-Luc Boissonneault.

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